The book The Healing Power of Trees

© Pavla Apostolaki


Trees are our friends, helpers, psychotherapists and natural doctors. And that is exactly what my book “The Healing Power of Trees” will be published by Grada publishing house in the autumn. In the book you know the healing properties of trees that grow in the Czech Republic, their therapeutic use in practice. You will receive tips on culinary recipes, on the production of homemade products and we will also introduce you to wonderful trips to the trees.






    Tours in Istanbul with Pavla were absolutely perfect for me. I saw unknow places and I enjoyed luxury hamam.

                                                                                                                          - Anna, Luxembourg



    Pavla has an amazing collection of talents!

    - Jeff, United States


    Hello Pavla, thank you for your perfect service. Istanbul Tulip Festival was marvelous!

    - Helen, England



    A lovely experience with Pavla´s yoga.  I was surprised how different I felt the next days.

    - Robin, Canada


    Pavla is perfection and precision, it changes your body and the way you move in a way you did not think was possible.

    - Erin, Norway

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