Workshops and Lectures

Pavla Apostolaki fotka


Pavla gives a lot of lectures and leads workshops, retreats and trainings worldwide.

Her favorite subjects are: phytotherapy, aromatherapy, holistic medicine and yoga.

Pavla is known for her skill in unlocking her client’s potential creativity and strength, achieving results far beyond their expectations, as well as her intuitive and yet fun way of teaching.

Workshops and lectures can be organized by associations, conference groups, private people, editors or anyone else interested by the subject.


Lectures can be oriented towards specific groups:

for the general public and families

therapists and doctors



Pavla offers:

private sessions

workshops and lectures

tailor-made corporate events

tailor-made wellbeing programmes


For details regarding private sessions, workshops, lectures, tailor-made corporate events, tailor-made wellbeing programmes, please email: