Yoga for back pain


Get to know your spine!

The spine, which consists of 33 disks to protect the spinal cord which runs along its entire length, is structured ideally for the balance of the organs and musculoskeletal system. Deformation of this structure can cause various illnesses, disabilities and even fatalities. Therefore, we must keep our spines healthy and strengthen its structure.

“Yoga for back pain” is especially designed to promote correct postural alignment, tone and elongate the musculature of the entire spinal column.


Learn how to:

improve your posture from the ground up

mobilise your spine

lift your spine & rotate it

align your head to its optimum position

release stress from your face

release the tension & stress, relax the jaw and realign the neck

drop the tension from your shoulders

find a new way to achieve a flat belly

increase the elasticity of the diaphragm

realign your pelvis

stabilise and re-align your pelvis and hips

use your sacrum as an energy centre

activate the personal bio-magnetic field, the chakra system and open up the main meridians to channel life force


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