Yoga for a Healthy Back” was very helpful, and improvement of my back already became apparent in a few weeks! The yoga sessions do not only benefit my back, but also my mind through the relaxation. Pavla is very knowledgeable, explains it all well and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Stephen


The yoga classes with Pavla are absolutely perfect for me. It has all the elements – relaxing, educational, calming, flowing and inspiring. Katharina


I have just one thing to say, Pavla your Hard Core got me! Sven


My life has turned around thanks to clean eating and yoga. I have never felt better, happier or more alive. Julie


Pavla changed my life. I have transformed all parts of my life, and I´m on a path to making healthy my lifestyle. Judy


Pavla is super personal trainer. Because she has the best, most detailed workouts, nutrition and lifestyle´s tips. Georgina


Day after day I´m better. Thank you Pavla. Ashley


My expectations have been vastly exceeded. Tina


I love your yoga! As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I have really benefitted from practicing your yoga. Thank you very much! Chris


I´m so happy I invested in this yoga lesson. Maria


Pavla makes meditation fun, simple yet powerful!  Tony