Yoga Instructor


Pavla is a wellness & spa consultant and yoga instructor.

She founded a therapeutic practice located in Czech Republic and Greece, that is focused on disease prevention and re-establishment of optimal health using a natural medicine and yoga treatment approach.

Pavla is the founder and creative force behind the acclaimed exercise and wellbeing programme, Medicine Body&Mind.

She enjoys integrating her western medical knowledge with the healing powers of yoga to help make the wisdom of yoga accessible to all.

Pavla is known for her skill in unlocking her client’s potential creativity and strength, achieving results far beyond their expectations, as well as her intuitive and yet fun way of teaching.

Her humor and magnetic personality compliment her deep knowledge, including study in the yogic arts, energy, natural sciences, Eastern and Western medicine, anatomy, nutrition, and Body&Mind training.

As a passionate voice in holistic medicine and yoga, she frequently contributes to media.