Aromatherapy for businness: How can I use aromatherapy in hotel room?


When I travel always pack my aromatherapy trip kit, which includes essential oils for sleep in hotel room. These essential oils help me recover from busy day and sleep well.


Try not to work in bed.
Your brain may start to associate the bed with wakefulness and not sleep. It´s best to work at the hotel desk and try not to use your mobile or email just before bedtime.


Try and avoid eating too late.
This raises the body temperature and impairs sleep. Try and eat at least 2 hours before you got to bed.


Gentle exercise aids sleep.
Exercise has a benefical effect on sleep and helps set the internal clock to sleep time. Don´t over-exercise as this can be stressful.


Have a hot bath or shower prior to going to bed.
This helps open up the blood vessels in the hands, face and feet so that the body can release heat which aids sleep.




Use aromatherapy as part of your sleep routine.

Sometimes traveling or being in an unfamiliar hotel room can make it difficult to sleep.

How to use essential oils for sleep in hotel room?

Mix 3-6 drops of essential oil with sea salt and add to a hot bath water while tub is filling. Soak in bath for 20-30 minutes.

Place a warm compress with 1-2 drops of chosen oil on the back.

Drip a few drops of essential oil onto a cotton pad or paper tissue and put on a pillow.

The best of essential oil for sleep – lavender, orange, patchouli, mandarin, sandalwood.


Focus on your breathing and deliberately slow it down.
Controlling your breathing reduces the heart rate and blood pressure and helps you relax.


Have a sweet dreams!