Taste the best olive oil in the world


In Greece, average consumption of olive oil at national level is the highest in the world and stands at 20kg/person per year. In Crete the per head consumption is even higher standing at 25kg/person!

In Crete there are few families who are not involved in olive cultivation. Around 95,500 farming families, in other words almost all farming families and the majority of urban families from Crete own and cultivate a large or small number of olive trees on their own or with the help of seasonal workers, mainly during the harvesting period.

I love Cretan olive oil and I cannot imagine life without olive oil!!! I think Cretan olive oil is the best in the world.

The quality of extra virgin olive oil produced in Crete has been officially recognized by international organizations, leading scientists and specialist tasters. Moreover, Cretan olive oil has also been awarded a plethora of international prizes and other acknowledgements in official international and global contests.